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Safe ways to stage an open house during the pandemic

When selling a home in any environment, making it look as nice as possible is very important. While home staging is a common process in any real estate market, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way properties are staged. Consider these tips so you can show your home safely and attract as many buyers as possible.

Deep Cleaning

One part of the staging process that you need to follow during COVID-19 is to complete a deep cleaning. Because the virus can last on surfaces for several days, it is up to you to keep the home as clean as possible both for yourself and for anyone that tours the place. Sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, and wipe down all surfaces that get a lot of traffic. Don’t forget door and cabinet handles, light switches, faucet fixtures, and anything else that people may touch. Additionally, a spruce-up will always help a home look nicer and more presentable to prospective buyers.

Highlight Office and Work Space

A large trend in housing demands over the past few months has been the increased need for office space. As more people work from home, having a dedicated location that is quiet and can be kept organized is very important. If you have a spot in the home that accommodates it, you should stage it with furniture that is ideal for a home office. Adding a mall desk to a child’s room is also a good addition. This can make it seem like the home will be able to accommodate those who will need to work or school from home.

Outdoor Living Space

Similar to having a home school or office space, having an area to enjoy your time outdoors is very important. Since the pandemic caused lockdowns, more people are spending their free time at home. Due to this, having an outdoor living place to relax and safely entertain is important to buyers. Having a nice outdoor living space will always be appealing to those seeking a new home. You can add this feature to your staging plan by including a sitting area, adding a grill, and having an outdoor television or other entertainment feature.

Keep the Open House Safe

As you plan your open house, you should also make it as safe as possible for the real estate agents, the seller (including if it’s someone other than yourself), and prospective buyers. One way you can do this is by encouraging and requiring all people to wear a mask when coming into the home. Offering complimentary single-use masks and setting out hand sanitizer in every room are also good ideas. Also, you should limit the amount of people that are allowed inside at any one time. You may also want to create an open house video that showcases all of the features and gives someone a feel for what it is like to be in the home.  

Author Bio: Patrick Bailey is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He attempts to stay on top of the latest news in the addiction and the mental health world and enjoy writing about these topics to break the stigma associated with them.